Fault Line Forecasts

Is your foresight slightly dull? Do you lack the objective thinking and data needed to gain a clear picture of your future options?

Do you wonder if you’re pursuing your best opportunities? Many executives view their companies through the lens of their current strategies and customers and conversations within their industries. This is risking serious strategy tragedy. Foresight in turbulent times is not optional.


Global Foresight offers two kinds of forecasts. One is a comprehensive long-term exploration—supported by primary research—aimed at generating major new strategic options for your organization, usually followed by a strategic blueprint and roadmap. The second offering is a forecast memo focused on describing 4-6 major issues your organization should develop strategies for in the year ahead resulting from the force of trends that will grow 3-5 years out. . The forecast memo is delivered in an interactive executive workshop.


Our Fault Line Forecasts are for senior executive leaders in industries undergoing change—including new competitors, new technologies, new geographies—who need to find new ways of sustaining profitable growth. Others who can benefit include companies or business units whose strategy is running out of steam, those in industries with a lot of strategy convergence, and any senior executive group that could use an injection of objective insight.


Each forecast is customized for the specific challenges, strategic issues, and time horizon of the client. Global Foresight brings 25 years of deep, diverse experience forecasting across many industries to bear on the needs of your organization. We select the best a combination of tools—including econometrics, case studies, expert interviews, surveys, ethnographies, scenarios, and wild cards—to answer your strategic questions.


The deliverables for Fault Line Forecasts usually include a written report and a map that displays the forecast visually. These are delivered in an interactive executive workshop designed to inform as well as to facilitate strategic choices and set new directions for your team. Often this is followed by additional work to create a strategy blueprint, a roadmap, a gap analysis, and a detailed summary report outlining your best strategic responses for the next year. Forecast memos are delivered in an interactive executive workshop and followed by a short synthesis memo.

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Case Study: Coca Cola and the New Chinese Consumer

After many years of successful penetration of the Chinese market, Coca Cola began to lose market share to other global beverage companies and new Chinese entrants. The Global Foresight team went to work on completing ethnographic studies of current and emerging consumer groups in China. We developed a new framework and cohorts for understanding a wide range of consumer behaviors and preferences across all demographics, including how these would change over the next ten years given the powerful social transition underway in China. The deliverable was a report and a unique dynamic audio/visual presentation that provided direct contact with key consumer groups.