Do you know the eight top trends that will gain strength in the next three years and how they will impact your business or organization?

Most organizations have some knowledge of trends, but few have a process for specifically analyzing which are important short- and long-term and which are not. Many organizations experience a rapid strategy decay because they got the timing of a trend’s impact wrong.


Our executive briefings are customized interactive half day sessions that provide an analysis of selected trends and shifts in your marketplace coupled with outside objective insights and discussions on options and timing to respond.


The Briefings are for senior executives who are at the beginning a strategic planning process or executing on strategic initiatives that aren’t delivering expected results. Others who can benefit: R&D groups, strategy departments, human resources, consumer business groups, or any business unit that wants a powerful injection of new thinking and information to tune up their thinking about the future.


Preparation includes interviews with 2-4 executives to learn about your strategic issues and position as well as clarify your desired out comes from the briefing.


A copy of the presentation is provided. The briefing is graphically recorded and you receive a synthesis of key results, along with an annotation of the major implications of each section of your customized graphic discussion map.

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Case Study: Scripps Network

What does the future hold for the small screen? Television has been undergoing major changes for some time, and now with the rapid evolution of the Web, even more profound changes are on the horizon. Scripps Network wanted to kick off their strategic planning for the year with a provocative outlook for their business, kick the tires of their assumptions, and gain major outside input into their thinking before they got started. They left the session with eight strategic imperatives and specific implications of how these trends would impact various aspects of their business.